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Artist Statement

   Living in New Mexico, I am deeply inspired by the crackly desert floor, trees, aliens and mesa landscapes. The natural textures and earthy colors around me are weathered and worn by the hot sun and wind. This rustic feeling is also found in my pottery. Well crafted forms and atmospheric firing make these pots exciting and totally unique. Carving the clay with images and textures is my signature, but sometimes I just like a quiet pot to showcase the flame activity from the kiln. No two pots are ever the same and each body of work inspires the next.

   The alien and UFO body of work is inspired by late night star gazing, curiosity about other life forms in distant galaxies and New Mexico history. I can be very creative with the theme and have fun with the weird beings and illustrations. There is no right or wrong, just imagination. These pots seem to want their own glaze color palette in the kiln.

   My wood fire kiln requires days of hard work, little sleep, a lot of wood, patience and team work. I also fire wood and soda kilns at other locations to balance out the firing process and socialize. I am stimulated by the diversity in surfaces achieved from various atmospheric kilns. It keeps my pottery fresh and challenges me to discover and test new glazes. 

   To use a wood fired pot is to bond with the elements that made it. Humanity, wood, fire, water, wind, earth, smoke and flame. Using a handmade piece of pottery adds so much joy to my life. I want to share my creativity and enrich others daily experiences as well.

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