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Artist Statement

   Living in New Mexico, I am inspired by western movies, old leather, barbed wire, the crackly desert floor, pine trees, mountain and mesa landscapes. The natural textures and earthy colors around me are weathered and worn by the hot sun and wind. This characteristic is also found in much of my pottery.


   Wood firing functional forms and atmospheric firing has enchanted me for years. Carving the clay with images has been my signature style, but sometimes I just like a quiet and well formed pot to showcase the flame activity and ash from the kiln.

   Wild clay which I have collected locally is also part of experimentation these days. Deepening my connection to special places around me. Each body of work inspires the next and I like to stay open to exploration and flow in the studio.

   The alien and UFO body of work is inspired by late night star gazing, curiosity about other life forms in distant galaxies and New Mexico history. I can be very creative with the theme and have fun with the other worldly beings and illustrations. There is no right or wrong, just imagination.

   My most recent black clay wares are inspired by cast iron skillets, chuckwagon style cooking and corrugated pueblo pottery. I approach these wares with a primitive modern twist, Some forms are very sleek and minimalistic, while others are loosely pinched and coiled.

   To use a handmade pot is to bond with natural elements and the artist that made it. Fire, water, wind, earth, smoke and flame. Humanity needs pottery to help stay grounded to the earth and enjoy a slower and more intentional way of living.

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